Employer Questions

"Aspire to be the best. We are here to help you with our resources."

Why should we use a recruiting firm

As an Employer, when you reach out to the candidates you would like to speak with, they may already have preconceived thoughts about your company. This happens even when you are trying to recruit candidates from outside your industry. It is better for a Sales Recruiting Firm like ours, to confidentially call out to the candidates you really want to recruit. Why? Because candidates want to know about what opportunities we are recruiting for. So now your company has a better chance to get the sales hires you desire most. Plus let's not forget about how much time you will save.

What are your fees

ASPIRE Careers is a contingency based recruiting firm, which means, you do not pay us unless you hire one of our candidates. Rates range from 20% - 33% of base salary depending on the difficulty of the search. Many clients pay a Flat Rate per candidate should you have multiple openings nationwide.

Where do you service

Our primary focus is in the USA. We also have had success in recruiting internationally

Our openings are confidential

That is exactly why companies use Recruiting Firms like ours. We do not give away your openings until we know which candidates are good matches for you.

Who else are you recruiting for

We will keep your information confidential as most of our clients request that we keep their information confidential. For the most part, our executive recruiting team helps publicly traded companies in growing sales industries. We also recruit for start-ups, private and international companies.

Why do you do this kind of business

Companies need sales and management personnel. The marketplace we service is very large. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 14.5 million people employed in sales and related occupations. Without sales, most companies would not be able to survive. Sales are everything!

When are you available

Hours of operation are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Time (PST).

The kinds of recruiting tools you use

A lot of our success comes from direct recruiting and candidate referrals from our database. We also use a variety of job boards and social media sites.

How long does it take to get candidates

It really depends on the difficulty of your search. We only want to send you candidates that match your specifications. We are not a Recruiting Firm that sends you tons of candidates just hoping something will stick. Each candidate we send you will be a potential hire.

Yes, recruit us sales candidates

The best next step is for you to speak with an ASPIRE Careers Executive Recruiter. Please call into our offices or submit an inquiry through Contact Us page. A phone appointment can be scheduled to review your sales and management recruiting needs.

Candidate Questions

Your firm was recommended

Referrals are one of the most preferred ways to land a new position. If you are recommended by a friend to use ASPIRE Careers, the best way to receive a response is to call the specific recruiter your friend worked with. This is also necessary to give your friend credit towards our Refer a Friend program.

What does your service cost

There is no charge to you the candidate. Fees are paid by the Employer.

Ad posting inquiry

All ad responses are reviewed. Your background may or may not be match for that particular project. It may turn out that you are better suited for another client of ours some point in the future. Job board subscriptions are expensive, so you will get a call if your background matches well with what our clients are looking for.

Resume submission

All resume submissions are reviewed. If you match up well with our client specifications now or at some point in the future, you can expect to receive a call from an executive recruiter here.

Looking for a new job

Our company may or may not be the right fit for you. Mainly because ASPIRE Careers is a Recruiting Firm and not an Employment Agency. We recommend you submit your resume through our website. When you do receive a call from one of our executive sales recruiters, it means your experience looks to match up well with what our clients are asking for.

Confidential job search

That is why many candidates use Executive Search Firms. Your candidacy is kept confidential.

Someone from your company left a message

Make sure to call back the specific recruiter that reached out to you. Ask for them along with their phone extension when you call back.

References and Brag Books

It is best to start to prepare these items before you begin your interviewing process. Some of our clients require this of you.

Resume tips

It works in your best interest if you include the months on your resume in addition to the years. Also, include your college status and include the years attended. We prefer a word format of your resume.

How to work with a recruiter

Submit your resume. When you are a good match for one or more of our client companies, you can be assured we want to work with you.